Online poker against Conventional poker

Online poker against Conventional poker – Online poker against Conventional poker. Online poker evolved from conventional poker a long time ago. Gradually, differences appeared amongst the two. Today, even though the root game is the same, there are various fundamental differences between online poker at websites like situs poker and conventional poker like in casinos. Let us take a look at some of these differences.

1) Face to face

In online poker, you do not sit face to face, and you do not know who exactly you are playing against. In conventional poker though, players sit across, facing each other. This has a lot of effect on the game

In traditional pokers, a player can observe the opponent’s reactions and body language to guess his cards and moves. In online poker, all of this is absent. A player has to observe the opponents moves and patterns, the time he takes to play to try and guess what may happen next.


In short, the game is tougher in online poker as against conventional poker.

2) Time taken

Online poker takes lesser time than conventional pokers. In online pokers, a dealer collects cards, then shuffles them and deals them back. It is a time-consuming practice. On the other hand, online poker games do not require this. Instant shuffles and deals through computers reduce the play time. There are no delays and players enjoy swift and quick games.

3) Cost

Online poker can be considered way cheaper than conventional poker. Even though the rakes are mostly the same online poker costs less as many other related costs are removed. There are no transport costs since players don’t have to travel to the poker room. No fees need to be paid for the duration of the play. Besides, the various incentives and bonuses on online poker gaming websites like make even the entry free of charge sometimes.

4) Cheating

There are considerably more ways of cheating in online poker compared to conventional poker. In conventional poker, a player is directly under scrutiny. There is no such supervision in online poker. Players can use techniques like Ghosting and Poker bots without being caught. Other cheating techniques such as collusion and internal cheating are also possible.

Online poker versus conventional pokers has some advantages and some disadvantage. What remains common is the betting, where a player puts his money on stake with no guarantees of return.

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