How to play crazy pineapple game judi poker and what are its types?

How to play crazy pineapple game judi poker and what are its types? – How to play crazy pineapple game judi poker and what are its types? Playing game Judi poker is an addictive and amazing experience, and there are several games available for poker on With this multiplayer game website, one can get the most gambling. There are a variety of games to choose from, and there is so much for everyone that no one gets bored or tired of playing poker games such as crazy pineapple on daftar poker. One such exciting poker game online is the Crazy Pineapple. This is a very famous game and is played by gamblers of several nations after the launch of the English version of the game.


What is the poker game of crazy pineapple

Before playing the game, one must be well aware of what the game is and how can we play it. The crazy pineapple poker game is quite similar to the Texas Holdem which is another popular poker game. Both the games have a similar method of gameplay, and also the betting rules are identical. The only twist which the crazy pineapple game is that it has a higher possibility of winning hands. While in Texas Holdem game each player gets two hole cards, in this game they get three hole cards for each round of the game. When a flop round of betting is played in the Crazy pineapple poker qq online, then the player has to discard one of the three hole cards. This is a very crucial decision for the player as to which card he must discard. After this discarding process each player has only two hole cards left, and so the game continues to like the regular Texas Holdem game.

What are the types of Pineapple game judi poker available for playing online

    1. Regular pineapple – This is the basic version of the pineapple poker and has a rule that one hole card out of the three distributed cards should be discarded by the player before the first round of betting is played.
    1. Crazy Pineapple – In this form of pineapple poker the player discards one hole card after the flop round is played in the betting. It is quite popular and is played by most of the gambling fans globally.
  1. Lazy Pineapple – This differs from crazy pineapple by the process of discarding the hole card. In this variant, the card is discarded at the showdown.
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